Soundtrack Review: Predators (2010)

Reviewer: JØrn Tillnes
Predators Soundtrack Review

Predators Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the motion picture score Predators by John Debney.

"John Debney did a fantastic job on this it has to be said. He went above the call of duty and created a score exactly what the film needed."

Predators is the sequel (of sorts) to predator from 1987. In that movie, the aliens known as predators came to earth to hunt humans. They are alien hunters after all, looking for some prey. In Predators, the humans are still the prey, but this time it's on the Predators own home world. The film stars Adrien Brody , Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne. The action stars of today aren't as fun as Arnie was, but there you go. It is directed by Nimr╠?d Antal and he has chosen John Debney as the composer. Both Predator and Predator II were composed by Alan Silvestri, so what does it mean for the franchise?

Track List

1. Free Fall***
2. Single Shooter***
3. This Is Hell***
4. Cages / Trip-Wire****
5. Not Of This Earth***
6. Hound Attack****
7. We Run We Die***
8. Predator Attack****
9. Meet Mr. Black***
10. They See Our Traps****
11. Over Here***
12. Smoke****
13. Nikolai Blows***
14. Stan's Last Stand***
15. Hanzo's Last Stand****
16. Leg Trap****
17. Take Me To The Ship**
18. Edwin And Isabelle Captured*****
19. Predator Fight, Royce Runs***
20. Twisted Edwin / Royce Returns***
21. She's Paralyzed****
22. Royce Vs. Predator****
23. Let's Get Off This Planet****
24. Theme From Predator*****

Embracing Predator

Alan Silvestri and John Debney are both excellent composer in their own right and what Debney was asked to do here is quite a task. There are those who simply love the themes and the scores for the two predator movies and they demanded that Debney kept the themes at least, but Debney did one better. Here's what he said about scoring this film: " I also love Alan Silvestri's magnificent score for the first film. So, I asked myself how in the world could I write a Predator score without utilizing themes and motifs from Alan's masterwork. I decided that I would embrace the music that IS Predator and create a companion piece utilizing themes from the first score.

Not only did John Debney embrace the Predator scores, he went almost all copycat. Predators is a mix between Predator and Predator 2 by Alan Silvestri. The themes are here, the drum sequence from Predator 2 is here and what is even more eerie is the fact that it also feels the same. It's like I took a time machine and got warped back in time. Granted it "sounds" more modern naturally because of better recording etc, but really, this is the ultimate homage to Silvestri's work. John Debney has truly outdone himself in terms of technical skills as it takes some work to create a score that evokes the same mood as the previous scores.

Complex Action

From the first cue 'Free Fall' to the the last cue 'Theme From Predator', it sounds exactly was you would expect from a predator movie. It's quite complex, the action sequences are tightly meshed together and they work excellent within the film. I was never a big fan of the Predator scores so I wanted something different to the mix. I like the way Debney has modernized the sound a bit and the new 'Theme From Predator' sounds really great. However listening to cues like 'This is Hell' gives me nothing emotionally.

This is a score that doesn't quite work outside of the film, but neither did the Silvestri scores in my opinion. Sure there are some good action music here in cues like 'Hound Attack' and 'Royce Vs. Predator', but it's not enough for me. The best track on the score is 'Edwin And Isabelle Captured' which is one of the very few cues that sounds a bit different from Silvestri's work.


Whether you like this or not depends on one thing: Do you like Silvestri's previous scores? I have to say no to that question. The theme is the only thing I enjoyed from it and luckily that is still here. I hated the drum sequence from Predator 2 by the way and it's still here haunting me... The new updated theme for Predator is fun, and there's some good action material here to be fair. An excellent score for Predators the movie, a boring listen outside of it. John Debney did a fantastic job on this it has to be said. He went above the call of duty and created a score exactly what the film needed.


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