Soundtrack Review: Monster Mutt (2011)

Reviewer: JØrn Tillnes
Monster Mutt Soundtrack Review

Monster Mutt Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Monster Mutt by Chris Walden.

"I think Monster Mutt was released to show Chris Walden's talent as a film composer and it does exactly that"

Monster Mutt is one of those movies I will never see, and neither will you (unless you have children between the age of 5 and 10). The trailer looks horrifying from an adult perspective, but more fun for the kids! The story is a classic one. Mad scientist manages to turn a bunny into a monster bunny but want to go further. They find a dog to test it on and it turns into a beast. Film aside, this will be the first time I listen to a score by Chris Walden and I'm excited about it!

Track List

1. Main Title****
2. Looking for Max****
3. School is Out***
4. Max's Transformation****
5. Dad Brought Pizza*****
6. Noise from the Backyard***
7. Ashley and Dad*****
8. Surprise Visit in the Lab****
9. The Boy with Ice Cream***
10. Max in the Night*****
11. Anybody Out There****
12. The Vacuum Cleaner***
13. Water****
14. The Garage Door***
15. Broom Fight****
16. Max at the Vet***
17. Max Breaks Out***
18. Max is Hungry****
19. Break in at the Vet***
20. Fire Rescue*****
21. Lab Fight****
22. Monster Puppy*****
23. Looking for Max (Reprise)*****

Emmy Award winner Chris Walden has been stuck in TV movie land since the early nighties, but now he has a chance to shine in a proper movie. Ok, so the movie is a goofy kids tale about a dog who turns into a monster mutt, but there's a lot that can be done with the score. Moviescore Media has released this one, and I am more than happy to listen to new names in the world of scoring. It's not all Zimmer and Williams you know!


The main title is nothing special, but a good intro of what to expect. It starts off with a menacing sounding intro before it turns into a light comedy track that somehow reminds me of cartoons I have watched on The Cartoon Network, but I can't place it. It turns again to something more dramatic within the track and shows the range of Walden's indisputable talent.

It's not until 'Dad Brought Pizza' we can hear Walden's talent for sentimental and emotional scoring as he takes us through two small tracks. The way it is split by the pause in the middle is a bit annoying, but I really enjoy the minimalistic emotional approach Walden has chosen here. Another example is 'Max in the Night'. The chance for a more scary darker scoring comes in the scenes where Max transforms into a monster mutt. 'Max's Transformation' is a track destined to be played on doomsday. There's more in 'Anybody Out There' that signifies danger by using a high pitched violin to give the scary scenes a great mood.

High action and drama is covered as well in the cue 'Fire Rescue' who begins with the light main theme, but from 1.30 and onwards truly get into pace with a fast paced action cue that uses guitar as well as horn and percussion.


I think Monster Mutt was released to show Chris Walden's talent as a film composer and it does exactly that. I will never watch this movie, but I am more than happy just to listen to this score and others that Chris Walden creates. It includes a wide range of tracks going from comical to dramatic to action and the plain scary. It is not a score I will remember, but Chris Walden is certainly someone I would love to hear more from in the future and if this score has made me discover this talent, then nothing could be better.


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Listen to the the Monster Mutt soundtrack by Chris Walden below:

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