Soundtrack Review: Being Flynn (2012)

Reviewer: JØrn Tillnes
Being Flynn Soundtrack Review

Being Flynn Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Being Flynn by Badly Drawn Boy.

"It's a decent score from Badly Drawn Boy"

Being Flynn is a comedy drama about Nick Flynn who is working in a Boston homeless shelter. He encounters his father who is a con man and a self-proclaimed poet. Nick struggles with his own life and the idea of reaching out to his dad. It's directed by Paul Weitz and starring Paul Dano, Robert De Niro and Julianne More. The composer is Badly Drawn Boy.

Track List

2. Asleep at the Wheel****
3. Harbor Street***
5. Last Day****
7. Priest*
9. Sell My Blood*****
11. Jonathan Goes to Work***
12. Letter, Mirror****
14. Letter to the President***

Badly Drawn Boy aka Damon Gough is an English alternative music singer/songwriter. He created the soundtrack "About A Boy" in 2002. Mostly he doesn't do scores though, but now he is back with "Being Flynn" another drama comedy. There are 15 tracks on the album but I will only review the score cues which are 8 in total.

As short as this score may be (13 minutes), I like it a little bit. It has some good cues like 'Asleep At The Wheel', 'Last Day', 'Letter, Mirror' and my favorite 'Sell My Blood'. They are minimalistic in nature and uses piano and strings most of the time. 'Harbor Street' is perhaps the only cue that is a bit different with it's guitar and sax sounds, but the cue itself is just average. 'Sell My Blood' is a very touchy cue with a lot of feeling and emotion. Shame it's not longer than 1:35.


It's a decent score from Badly Drawn Boy, but most people will probably buy it for the 7 "normal" vocal tracks. The sound is definitely there to work as background music for the film and doesn't stand out in any way. Still, if you are in the mood for something minimalistic and short, this is the score for you.


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